About CPRE Devon

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is a national charity founded in 1926 and has become over the last 90 years the foremost champion of the English countryside. We have a National Office in London which sets out to influence national policy and to raise awareness nation-wide of the big issues affecting the countryside by mounting national campaigns.

CPRE Devon is an “independent”, separate charity, number 245317, and our focus is quite rightly on Devon and the South West Peninsula.

You are reading this on our fully inter-active website which, as you can see, sets out our local organisation. Each Local Government District in Devon has a District Chair and local committee which should be your first port of call for any help you might want from us. We provide members with a “Help Desk” where you can find practical advice on the big issues across the county or where you live. Our aim remains to protect the Devon countryside in a way that underpins the local economy whilst maintaining all that is best in the balance between necessary development and a tranquil, productive and beautiful environment.

CPRE also has a South West Regional Organisation where the County Chairs come together to discuss the big regional issues of the day: Transport, Housing, Waste Management, Renewable Energy and so on. There is also a “County Branch Forum”, an informal group, where from time to time, the County Chairs come together to discuss and disseminate “Expertise” and “Best Practice” right across the country.

Outside our National Office, CPRE is run largely by volunteers who devote an inordinate amount of time and effort, not just to the mass of contentious planning applications that come their way, but to attending Public Inquiries and Appeals on behalf of the membership. The planning system has been changed dramatically by this present Government and we are all seeing a tidal wave of proposals for “development”, whether it be for wind turbines and solar farms or for large housing projects, many clearly being quite unrelated to the actual needs of the local community. The strain on our District chairs and committee members is considerable and we need your help, both with practical assistance if you have some useful experience or expertise, or by becoming members or donating to our funds to help the many causes we are championing at any one time. It is your countryside and we need all the help we can get.

Our committed team are as follows:

CPRE Devon Trustees:  Rosemary Jessel (Chairman);  Hedley Hunter (Treasurer); Pete Finch; Rebecca Bartleet; Ivan Buxton; Phillip Bratby, Mike Scott.

Our President is Professor Nick Groom.   And our Vice President is Robin Hogg.

Branch Director: Penny Mills.  Tel: 01392 966737  email: director@cpredevon.org.uk

Our Branch Plan here sets out our current aims and campaigns, and in addition to a variety of events which we organise throughout the year throughout the County, we hold an AGM to which all members are invited.  Our 2015 AGM was held in Tiverton and our 2016 AGM in Modbury in the South Hams.

Our 2017 AGM is being held on Monday 31st July, at Hatherleigh Community Centre, at 2.30pm – full details in the ‘news’ section. This is an important AGM because we seek approval from our members to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), as explained in our 2016 Annual Report with Agenda for the meeting, which can be found both on the ‘Home Page’ and in ‘Newsletters’. If any member has any queries about this or would like a paper copy of the draft proposed new constitution and CIO constitution, please contact us and we will post one to you.