Grass Not Glass

Stopping the loss of our precious farmland from the blight of solar farms.

Litter Picking

CPRE’s main concern with litter is its impact on the beauty and quality of the countryside. Littered items are often brightly-coloured, non-degradable and toxic. They spoil the view, pollute the land and endanger animals and wildlife. And they are often made from valuable materials that could be recycled such as glass, aluminium and plastic – all of which are wasted when left as litter.

If you are concerned about litter in your local area, and would be interested in undertaking a litter pick, please contact us – we have all the equipment needed and can come along and help. Let’s clean up Devon!

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Plastic Waste

Littered drinks containers are everywhere, so we need to do everything we can to capture them. Many households and businesses do their bit to recycle but large quantities of containers still end up in landfill, or – worse – lying bright, ugly and poisonous across our countryside, coastlines, roads, parks and rivers… read more

Local Railways

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Right Homes. Right Places.

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You can make a difference to Devon