Housing is both something we are familiar with and is very complex in planning terms, since any new significant housing proposal will involve issues to do with landscape, transport, social, educational, medical and other support facilities and may encourage large doses of both Nimbyism and politics. CPRE National Office has a comprehensive campaign briefing on the subject.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the more recent Growth & Infrastructure Bill have made significant changes to planning policy for housing. There is now much more emphasis on increasing land supply with pressures for Greenfield development and damage to the countryside likely to increase. Financial incentives for housing development and a new emphasis on viability add a new dimension which could make it more difficult to secure good planning outcomes and high standards of development.

Key elements that need to be considered are Housing Need, Land Supply, Deliverability and Viability, Population and Household Projections, Empty Homes, Design and Housing Density, Sustainability and most importantly Affordability. Devon is a County of low average wages and higher than average house prices. Rural Affordable Housing has long been a key campaign issue for CPRE Devon. As ever, a good Neighbourhood Plan will place your community in a stronger position to influence outcomes. Facts are often difficult to come by. CPRE Devon has commissioned a paper “Home Truths – The facts behind Housing in Devon”. Both these helpful documents can be found on our Help Desk.