Transport & Aviation


CPRE’s national approach to transport issues is set out in three Policy Guidance Notes: Planning Campaign Briefing on TransportTransport Policy Principles and Policies on various Aspects of Transport

In Devon we recognise the importance of balancing the protection of our countryside with the need for communities and businesses to have good communications.  As a peninsular county, transport links to the rest of England and beyond assume a particular significance.  The present government’s plans to exclude the south-west peninsular counties from its plans for major improvements to rail infrastructure mean that we cannot afford to be dogmatic when assessing proposals for road schemes.

Insofar as Aviation is concerned, the far South West is once again at a particular disadvantage; with Newquay Airport’s important links to Gatwick under threat and the final closure of Plymouth Airport almost a certainty. Exeter Airport remains a local “Hub” but is limited in its potential by too short a runway for very large aircraft. CPRE’s views on aviation, as presented to the Transport Select Committee Inquiry in 2009, can be read here

In CPRE Devon we recognise that key characteristics of Devon – many hills, narrow lanes, small and remote settlements– mean that approaches that will work elsewhere are not always sensible in a Devon context.

Transport Policy is evolving all the time driven partly by the Government’s Growth & Infrastructure Bill. CPRE SW Region has been looking at Transport Policy for the Region as a whole. Meanwhile the following documents and links are useful sources of information, in addition to the CPRE policy guidance notes.