Waste Management


The handling and management of waste in the UK is a very complex business with the regulations largely driven by the European Landfill Directive and the EU Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme (LATS). Waste is ‘collected’ by the District Local Authorities and ‘disposed of’ by County Councils and Unitary Authorities. There is an inevitable tension between the Waste Conglomerates, which treat waste as a valuable commodity, to be processed to provide energy or to be traded and sold like any other product, their drive for economies of scale, and their need to get planning permission from the local Authorities for large waste facilities.

The Government has published a Waste Management Plan for England.  Here in Devon there is a Devon Waste Plan and a Waste and Resource Management Strategy. Our National Office Waste Policy Guidance document is dated 2006 and remains their over-arching policy document. They have also produced a Policy Position Statement on Waste.

In order to make sense out of all this complexity, CPRE Devon has produced a Layman’s Guide to Domestic Recycling and Processing and a Waste Management Support Package for Members and the general public. You would do well to read these first.

We held a seminar on 21st November 2015 at Kentisbeare village hall and our energy spokesman, Dr Phillip Bratby, gave a most informative presentation regarding on-farm Anaerobic Digesters (AD).  Read his presentation here – CPRE Devon Presentation – On Farm Anaerobic Digesters