Coasts and Estuaries – Designated areas

Coasts and Estuaries – the place of “Designated areas” in our approach to planning issues.

There may be some misunderstanding of the position that CPRE Devon takes on defending the environment when it comes to planning applications in those areas involving our coasts and estuaries. Our general approach is set out in the “Help Desk” Blue Square on this page. The complexities surrounding this whole area in planning terms demand that we make the very most of the numerous designations that abound, and view our beautiful and largely unspoiled estuaries that are such a feature of our landscape and vital to the local economy, as priorities for protection. We do recognise that the proliferation of these designations can be confusing.

It is a feature of local planning that we all have to take notice of the numerous designations that affect decisions. The Coastal Preservation Areas (CPA), Special Areas of Conservation (SAC), Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), RAMSAR Sites, Heritage Coasts and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) have been so designated because of their national and local importance. As an example; a designated Coastal Preservation Area along the west shore of the Exe Estuary has already been accepted by the Inspector as part of the Teignbridge Local Plan; it therefore makes no sense to deny this designation along the opposite shore.

In short; CPRE Devon would oppose any re-designation of these areas, no matter how great the pressure from the development industry.