Devon County Council turns down a planning application

This planning application, in the wake of the decision to build a massive incinerator in the Devonport dockyard, never made any sense in waste management terms. There was no use for the massive amounts of heat generated by the plant, there is not enough waste being generated locally to feed this beast, requiring VIRIDOR to truck in waste from all over SW England or from abroad. Despite an environmental permit from the Environment Agency, the environmental arguments ‘against’ the siting of this plant within 75 meters of the River Yealm, the shortest and one of the most beautiful river estuaries in England, were overwhelming. VIRIDOR have threatened to go to appeal and have said that they have a record of winning with substantial costs. Now is the time to “Watch this Space” and, if it they chose to appeal, to rally in support of Devon County Council who have made absolutely the right decision. pdf Read more of the background to this decision here.