Steer Point Quarry, Brixton – Permitted

Planning Application Number 07/0476/14/CM Application for importation of inert waste for the purposes of filling the void as part of the restoration of Steer Point Quarry. This work will involve numerous heavy trucks transiting through Brixton en route to and from this site, adding to the vehicle load already present due to the busy Housing […]

Straitgate Farm Quarry – pending decision

Straitgate Action Group PRE/0953/2015  Request for Scoping Opinion for proposal to extract sand and gravel. – DCC/3774/2015 Quarry development for the extraction of sand and gravel at Straitgate Farm extending to 40.23 ha including new site access onto Birdcage Lane at northern end of site, together with staff welfare facilities, car parking and wheelwash – […]