John Nettles OBE spearheading our campaign against solar farms in Devon’s countryside

We are enormously grateful to TV star John Nettles for his support and spearheading our campaign against proposals for ever-larger solar farms that threaten to despoil Devon’s green and pleasant countryside.

The actor lives near the village of Pyworthy in northwest Devon where residents, with our help, are fighting proposals for a massive solar installation at Derril Water. Details of the planning application for this 42MW solar farm on 164 acres of farmland can be found on the Torridge District Council website, reference 1/0249/2021/FULM

This is a trailer for a longer campaign video, out soon, which challenges ‘green’ claims that solar farms are low carbon and are a good use of farmland. They are not! If solar farms are so good for converting sun to electricity to help solve a global issue, surely they should be sited in those places in the world where the sun is strongest – NOT sacrificing rainy Devon’s precious green farmland just to make a vast profit?

Please join us in objecting to this and the other current proposals throughout the county, which total 1,000 acres approx of our precious farmland in Torridge, North Devon, Mid Devon and East Devon. Let’s keep Devon’s fields green. To see the trailer, click on the link below