William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust – Re-opening of the restored Joint Mitnor Cave, Buckfastleigh. 12th August 2017

Our Teignbridge District Chairman, Pete Finch, was delighted to attend the opening event today at the William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust.

The Joint Mitnor Cave is a nationally important cave situated in Buckfastleigh. In 2015 the cave was broken into by thieves who stole artefacts and caused serious damage to the priceless 125,000 old interglacial bone deposit.

After a protracted restoration, undertaken by experts from across the country, the Trust was formally re-opened today, 12th August 2017.  This will give people once again the chance of seeing ancient animal bones, still in their location of discovery, animals which include elephant, bison, wolves and hyenas – here in Devon!

CPRE Devon were pleased to support the Trust last year with a grant to enable them to purchase bat monitoring equipment, which they are delighted with.  The caves are an important winter hibernating site for Greater and Lesser Horseshoe Bats.